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Village Hall Meeting
Minutes Monday 19th October 2015.7.30 pm
Present: Calvin, Vera, Pete, Don, Sue
1. Apologies: Bob
2. Minutes of meeting 21st September were accepted and signed. Revised minutes for 20th July were signed.
3. Matters arising: None
4. Acoustic panel progress. Material has been collected and Pete will start prototype on Saturday. Thought will be needed on how to fix them to wall/ceiling.
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurers Report: The BACs account has accrued £483.64. Rather than transferring sum to Current account cheque to pay Ridgeon’s (£102 drawn on BACs account. The Big Lottery and reserve accounts still each have £15032 in them. The current account has£2001. The books are almost ready for the accountant. Calvin
7. Building progress: Shed nearly completed but some work still needed on door and gutters. Vera to revise and copy “snagging list” with a view to handing on that task.
8. Events and fundraising: Table top sale made a profit of £90. 90 . Remaining items from Christine’s friend to be collected and used at an event for Alzheimer’s fund raising.
No response to Hallowe’en invitation so far. Vera to face book and email some people and may not hold party if not enough participants. Use of PA for the 21st not settled. Discussed whether the current level of use is sufficient to cover costs, Calvin to look into this. Pete/Sue to devise leaflet for advertising with caterers, florists , funeral directors etc. Peter Worrell might set it up for printing. Other events planned as for last month.

9.No emergency items
10. Next meeting16th November