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Village Hall Trustees Meeting.
Minutes for 20th October 2014
Present: Calvin Goreham, Vera Cruikshank, Heather Wilcox, Pete Reason, Don Baker, Bob Tingly, Sue Beare
1. Apologises: All present
2. Minutes of meeting September 15th Were agreed and signed
3. Matters Arising not on this agenda: Pete reported that Pete Worrell had given an interview about the Village Hall and the Website to the local paper but nothing had appeared yet. There will be articles in Village People and Sextons Wheel. A Facebook page has been created and a poster outside the hall has already prompted a response. Some corrections were suggested for the Website. Pete
4. Matters for consideration:
a. Film Night: Calvin and Pete had been let down by MIND. Pete to follow up. The Moulton show had attracted many people, they offered tea, coffee, cakes and an inexpensive bar in an interval half way through a very entertaining family film. There was a prize under a seat of tickets for the next show. Ticket price was £4 and they may have made a good profit from the 70 or so people who came. Tickets for the next show, in mid-November, are half sold. Pete may reconsider title of our first film, for showing end November or early December. Pete
b. Social Club: No further plans yet. Offers of help from Caroline Squires and Tony Rowson and some suggestions. Agreed to have small working party including Calvin, Vera and Sue plus Caroline and Tony. Sue
c. Notice Board: Agreed that new board needed and now that car park had been paid for we could afford it. Trustees to ask Parish Council to give us a board similar to theirs instead of the grant they usually gave us. To be erected in line with PC board. Calvin
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurer’s Report - After the car park has been paid for there will be about £15021 in our savings account, £15021 in the reserves account and about £5000 in the current account.
7. Rebuilding Progress : The car park looks very good thanks to planning of Pat Reynolds. Posts and rails with reflective patches to be put around 3 sides. May try to source second had Armco barriers from High ways or firm in Ipswich. Simple sign to identify Disable Parking site and notice re parking for users only agreed. Parking spaces will be painted. Calvin
8. Fundraising and events: Halloween Party in hand. Rene may source more pumpkins. About 12 children expected Calvin Vera
9. New Business: none
10. Emergency Items: Stapler has been removed from Parish room. Agreed to purchase another for Vera. Also agreed to improve security to opening into meeting room and keep door locked. Calvin Caroline
11. AOB Caroline attended WI meeting in VH, the venue was very acceptable but some problems with echoing voices. ? Investigate getting Fire retardant curtains. Caroline offered to make them
12. Date of next meeting – 17th November 7.30