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Village Hall Committee
Meeting 17th November 2014 7.30
Present: Calvin Goreham, Vera Cruikshank, Pete Reason, Sue Beare, Rev Heather Wilcox, Bob Tingley
1. Apologies: Don Baker
2. Minutes of meeting 20th October: accepted and signed
3. Matters arising not on this agenda: A) Hallowe’en Party very successful with 13 children all in fancy dress and having a good time. B) New stapler acquired.
4. Film Night: Pete to go for training. Heather to help on night. Set up from 5pm. Sue to get fresh milk, tea and biscuits in kitchen. Christine will help with teas
5. Social evening: Pete to help set up at 5pm, Richard Moss may also. Sue to ask Jonny. Notices delivered all round village except Blyth Green, Sue to do. Need to test PA and collect CDs. Raffle with 5/6 prizes Vera. . Put out all chairs and have stack of red chairs available in case required. Refreshments and discussion in Saltiel room after film. Calvin to get survey form from Creative arts. Future dates: 4th Thursday = Jan 22, Feb 26, March 26. Tickets: £5, £4 a week in advance via Sue. Suggestion box for future events.
6. Notice board: PC will provide instead of grant this year. Sue to draft letter to Roger Berwick to thank him for the old board on behalf of VH and PC.
7. Curtains: Review need after film night. Mike Britch might be approached to see if Norse have an acoustic specialist. Or possibly South Norfolk Council.
8. Correspondence: None
9. Treasurers Report: There is £15022 in Savings account, £19 in Current account (after paying for car park), £15022 in Reserve account and £520 in Current account. Agreed to use the “grant” current account to receive booking fees made via web site.
10. Building progress: A) About half the “Met” postholders have been sunk, Fence will have single rail to start with, further rail can be added if required, Reflective stickers will be used. Car park plan has been agreed for 15 cars. It was agreed not plant a hedge in case the roots invaded the surface. B) Birds are entering the roof space. Need to investigate filling soffits including porch eaves.
11. New business: A) Fees still owing for hall hire, B) Charity Commission web site needs up dating. Calvin. He also needs DOB from ALL
12. Next Meeting 15th December, then 19th January, 7.30pm