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Minutes May 19th 2014

Meeting of the Wacton Village Hall Trustees

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Peter Reason (Secretary), Sue Beare, Vera Cruickshank and Bob Tingley plus 3 members of the public

1. Apologies: Don Baker and Rev. Heather Wilcox

2. Minutes of the meeting on April 28th were read and approved.

3. Matters Arising
(i) CG reported that he had identified the courier that had collected the saucers for Pubshop and had found the proof of collection. The matter was again back with the credit card company and he was awaiting the outcome. In the meantime he would be contacting the Managing Director to complain about the way the company had conducted itself.
Saucers and an alternative supplier would have to be found.
(ii) the grant application for the car park had been submitted on 28th April but CG had subsequently been informed by ‘Awards to All’ that a decisions were taking 5 months although an outright refusal would be notified within 3.
(iii) PR reported that Peter Worrell was now ready to move the website from its present development site to the hall’s own site and name. He was authorized to purchase the domain and set up the web hosting arrangements.

4. Matters for Consideration.

5. Correspondence.
The letter to the committee from Don Baker relating to his Trusteeship had been dealt with at the AGM immediately prior.

6. Treasurers Report
The Acting Treasurer, CG, presented the figures to 16th April:

General Account balance - £5496.58
Big Lottery balance - £3053.24

with £15016.46 in the Savings account and the same amount in the Reserve account

7. New Business

8. Rebuilding Progress Report.
The priority remained the Dado rail and re-painting the Saltiel Room.

9. Fundraising and Forthcoming Events
(i)VC reported that the decision on her application to NFC for a grant of £500 toward the WW1 commemoration would be known in June
(ii)The matter of a Social Club and Film Shows at the hall would be on the next agenda after discussions with interested parties.

10. New Business
(i) Maurice Read had made a collage in honour of Ralph Saltiel and his role in the rebuilding of the hall and it was now hanging in the Saltiel Room. PR would write to Maurice expressing the delight of the committee in his work and CG would take a photograph of it in situ and forward it to Ralph.
(ii) In the light of the complaint about noise discussed at the March meeting, SB raised the possibility of a noise limiter being used at potentially noisy functions. She would investigate the practicality of using such a device.

11. Date of Next Meeting and AGM: 16th June 2014

The meeting concluded at 20.30