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Wacton Village Hall Trustees
Minutes of Meeting on 19th March 2018

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Peter Jacques [PJ], Peter J. Reason [PJR] (Secretary),
Pat Reynolds [PR] (Treasurer), Bob Tingley.

1. Apologies: Rev. Heather Wilcox

2. Minutes of the meeting 21st February were agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising:
The Police security recommendations were discussed. The easy bits have already been actioned – removal of window keys, blinds left open overnight, and replacement locks acquired. Of the substantive recommendations:
(a) security fencing – CG had an estimate of between £3-4K for 7 metres. This was a concern and PR would contact the report author for specific guidance.
(b) Key Safes – the consensus was that the kitchen safe should remain. There was no position out of sight and fencing should reduce the risk. The door keysafe would be upgraded.
(c) Oil Tank – a replacement bunded tank would cost a little over £1K. PJR to contact a local resident known to have had similar work completed recently.

4. Matters for Consideration.
Solar Panels. PR had circulated an estimate of the installation cost of a 4kW array and the possible income. The award of and Energy Proficiency Certificate to the hall would significantly boost the Export Tariff. An EPC survey would cost in the region of £100 and PJR was asked to put it in hand. Should the building fail, the project would go no further.

5. Correspondence: None

6. Treasurer's Report:
The financial position was as follows;
the two deposit accounts each contain a total £15051.26; there is £3420.88 in the current account and £2629.06 in the BACS payments account.

7. Building Progress:
The adverse weather had precluded any work on the handrail. The hot water heater in the kitchen was deemed too old to warrant replacement of the leaking tap so would be permanently removed.

8. A.O.B. None

9. Date of next meeting – 16th April at 19.30pm.

Meeting concluded at 20.30

Appendix A
Solar Panels

At the March meeting it was agreed that we should go ahead with a survey to establish the Energy Proficiency Rating of the hall before considering further the proposal to install solar panels. The guideline survey price was £100. After an online search the cheapest price from an accredited surveyor was £200. With the approval of the Chairman, John Hipperson was retained and the survey undertaken on 4th April. The hall was estimated to emit 59 kg/m2 of CO2 per year which is well within the ‘C’ rating (51-75) on a scale of ‘A’ (best) to ‘G’ (worst). A minimum of grade of ‘D’ is required to receive the higher rate of Export Tariff, which the hall easily achieves. This rating is now lodged on the national database at www.ndepcregister.com

Should the Trustees decide to investigate further, it should be noted that a 4kW installation is the standard domestic size. The hall could accommodate a commercial array of up to 10.2kW, the maximum that can be sustained with a single-phase electricity supply. The expenditures and income would approximately increase in step with the increase in output with three exceptions. In favour of larger scale, the Export tariff would increase by 0.25p/kWh (3.8p cf. 4.05p), while scaffolding costs would be unaffected. The rate of substitution is unaffected by scale. Overall the result is a slightly higher return on capital for the larger array.

Trustees will be aware that our present 4 year Fixed electricity supply contract with SSE (23/02/18) was brokered through Utility Aid. They would undertake the administration of tariff payment.

The full financial breakdown is shown on the attached copy of a spreadsheet, Appendix B.

Should the Trustees be minded to proceed there are a number of further steps and clarifications required:

* competitive pricing – the figures quoted are from a single supplier
* the claims made for different brands of panel. Prices vary widely, as does performance and longevity
* level of expected maintenance and cost thereof
* quality of guarantees and follow-on guarantees in case of future company failure
* position on tariffs after expiry of 20 years

Trustees may have additional points requiring clarification.

Appendix B