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Wacton Village Hall Trustees
Minutes of Meeting on 20th March 2017

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Don Baker, Peter Jacques [PJ] Peter J. Reason [PJR] (Secretary),
Pat Reynolds [PR] (Treasurer), Bob Tingley and Rev. Heather Wilcox

1. Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the meeting on 20th February were agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising:
(i) X-Box
No letter from SNC confirming that the VH has no further interest in the X-Box has yet been received. PR to meet the responsible officer to conclude the matter.

4. Matters for Consideration: None

5. Correspondence: None

6. Treasurer's Report:
PR reported that two lump sum rate payments were due to SNC, the first for the current financial year from the date Social Club received its alcohol licence and the second for the new year starting in April.

He presented the bank accounts as follows;
the two deposit accounts each contain a total £15045.05; there is £1874.49 in the current account and £1554.10 in the BACS payments account.

7. Building Progress:
The repairs to the gents' toilets is now complete and there has been good progress on the compilation of the inventory. The closure of the eaves to prevent ingress of wildlife remains outstanding. It was noted that the rear door had been damaged beyond repair in the recent gales. It would be made as secure as possible pending the provision of a metal door by the parish council which will be storing some equipment therein.

8. A.O.B.
It was noted that the Social Club has paid £27 to cover the running of their refrigerator.

9. Date of next meeting – 17th April at 19.30pm.

Meeting concluded at 20.00