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Village Hall Committee

Minutes March 14th 2016

1. Apologies: None.
2. Present: Calvin, Bob, Peter R, Peter J, Don, Sue, Rev. Heather
3. Minutes of meeting 15th February agreed after various correction made.
4. Matters Arising: None
5. Matter for consideration
Stream Bank collapse. Discussed use of sandbags, staking or gabions of stone. Calvin to ask Mike Britch for advice. Probably not covered by insurance.
Social club progress: Tony Rowson and Sue attending meeting of interested people on 21st March. Summary of last meeting points prepared by Peter J and sent to Richard.
Defibrillator training. All in hand Peter R to open up.
WiFi meeting. Numbers keeping up. Sue to get cash to Calvin
6. Correspondence. Email received from WI re a fall off bottom step. Perhaps yellow
should be scrubbed. Discussed need for more lighting on the ramp but felt it was sufficient after looking at it.
7. Treasurers report: CO-OP share account yielded £47.58. main accounts each
contain £15036.56. BACS account has £1118.06 including grant from SNC.
Savings account has £3349.33.
8. Building progress. Acoustic panels up and effective, making good completed.
Some panels left over. Might be used on central hall wall. Loft hatches need new
hinges. 'Steamy Windows' will be approached over repairs to bottom hinge of main door. Don to investigate fire resistant service hatch.
9. A.O.B. Agrees to loan of marquee, chairs and tables free of charge for Queen's
Birthday celebrations.
Sue will be resigning as moving away.
10. Date of Next Meeting: 18th April