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Village Hall Committee
Meeting 16th March 2015 at 7.30pm
Apologies: Don. Present: Calvin, Vera, Pete, Sue, Bob
2. Minutes of meeting on 16th February: were agreed and signed
3. Matters arising
Film Night: Love Punch was enjoyed by about 20 people therefore shown at a loss of about £60. Peter has produced a report noting various ways to hire film and equipment; all require attendance of over 30 people. Buying our own projector would cost several hundred pounds. Forming a film club would require commitment and agreement over films. The blackout may not be adequate for summer months but experiment using black plastic might be tried for an afternoon show for children
Acoustics: Current quote received £1400 to visit and advise only. Other firms to be approached.
4. Matters for Consideration: The Water Bill has been received. To consider trying a meter now water not heavily used
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurer's Report: The two deposit accounts contain a total of about £30,053; there is £3611 in the current account and £164 receiving BACs payments account. £900 will be needed for the CDM payment
7. Building Progress: Dado Rail has been finished. The next step is building the Store Room after removing the old shed. The contents will need a home. A drawing is required of all the services for building control – Don will do this. In due course a pressure test will have to be done before the building is signed off but there is no haste for that.
8. Events and Fundraising. A) Vera and Sue to personally canvas residents in the early autumn to ask what events people want. B) Games Night. About 16 people came, some of them for the first time. They seemed to have good time. The next Games Night will be on April 18th at 7.30. C) Family Games and BYO BBQ on the green, with PC agreement/ Sunday 19th July 11.30 – 4pm. Ask Corrine to help. D)De- Fib training still to be arranged.
9. Emergency Items. None 10. Date of next meeting – 20th April at 7.30pm