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Wacton Village Hall Trustees

Minutes of Meeting on 18th July 2016

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Don Baker and Peter Reason,

1. Apologies: Bob Tingley. Absent: Rev. Heather Wilcox and Peter Jacques.

2. Minutes of meeting on 20th June were agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising:
(i) Social Club -
*The storage of alcohol on the premises requires an alarm to be fitted. This will be a telephone-based system linking to the police and designated social club committee member(s). Should the current line to the VH not extend or separate the Social Club will resolve problems to their, the Trustee's and the insurer's mutual satisfaction as well as fund the installation.
*Various notices should be displayed in the hall concerning licences and DB volunteered to supply and fit one.
* a request for the installation of a ceiling fan has been made by the club after the room temperature became uncomfortably hot at the event on 9th July. If one can be found at a suitable price the request will be agreed.
* the Trustees agreed the erection of a dart board once the material to protect both wall and floor provided by the Club has been agreed
* the Club has set up a BACS account for payment into the VH account.

(ii) River Bank – In the absence of Peter Jacques this item was deferred.

(iii) Building Sign-Off – no progress.

(iv) Computer Club
The club will now meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. This has been publicized in the Sexton's Wheel. The router upgrade has been completed and it has been confirmed to the Parish Council that the unit has been donated. There will be no financial implications for the village hall as a consequence.

4. Matters for Consideration:
A request has been received from the Parish Council for permission to erect a sectional concrete garage behind the Village hall in which to store equipment owned by the Parish. This raises issues of practicality and planning consent. They have been offered use of the external store, with any adaptations at their expense. PR to clarify the planning position.

5. Correspondence: None

6. Treasurer's Report:
The Acting Treasurer, CG, presented the figures as follows;
the two deposit accounts each contain a total £15040.08; there is £3386.73 in the current account and £1245.06 in the BACs payments account.

7. Building Progress: Nothing to report

8. A.O.B. None

9. Date of next meeting – 15th August at 19.30pm.

Meeting concluded at 20.45