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Village Hall Committee
Meeting 20 July 2015 at 7.30pm
Apologies. Rev. Heather Wilcox. Don Baker
Present: Calvin, Vera, Pete, Sue, Bob.
1. Minutes of meeting on 15th June 2015were accepted and signed.
2. Matters arising. None not on agenda.
3. Matters for Consideration: Acoustic progress. Agreed to seek further quotes for panels as £9000 would use the last of the build money. Pete to pursue, Sue to ask who supplied Hempnall Village Hall
4. Correspondence: Letter from Tharston WI requesting reduced fees for Hall hire. £11 per hour is the minimum acceptable for 6 month contract with provision for occasional use for elections.
5. Treasurer's Report. Little change and reasonably healthy. Books almost ready for the auditor. Cheque that should have been paid in last year found and paid in this year. Agreed to review fees as we have full year’s bills on which to base them.
6. Building Progress. A) Shed sides are being erected. B)Car park needs further weedkiller treatment. The banks should also be done. C) Bottom of stream needs clearing.
7. Events and Fundraising: A )Ashley George. £18 profit and people have asked for another session B) Funday Those who came had a pleasant time with fine weather. Next time advertise in news letter. C) Further plans: 1) Christmas supper with music mid-December. 2) Halloween for children. 3) Games evening. 4) Table top Sale. 5) Christmas party for children. (Agreed to waive hall fees)
8. Emergency Items. Calvin had a request to give advice to another Hall project. As it so different from ours he declined. Vera might offer services for fund raising.
9. Date of next meeting: 21st September