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June 2014

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Minutes July 21st 2014

Meeting of the Wacton Village Hall Trustees

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Peter Reason (Secretary), Don Baker, Sue Beare, Vera Cruickshank and Rev. Heather Wilcox

1. Apologies: Bob Tingley.

2. Minutes of the meeting on June 16th were read and approved.

3. Matters Arising
(i) PR reported that the website was virtually complete, the only outstanding element being the location plan. As the hall had no postal address it did not show on downloadable maps. Giving its location as opposite numbers 6 to 12 Hall Lane was probably the only solution.
(ii) The committee were already aware that Ralph Saltiel had died on 12th July and Maurice Read had attended the funeral on the following Friday. It was agreed to contribute £50 to a charity of the family’s choice.

4. Matters for Consideration.
(i) VC reported that no discussions with Tony Rowson had taken place yet about the proposed social club and that the issue would have to wait until September.
(ii) SB recounted her experience at the training session for projector use, noting the weight of the equipment which would need significant strength to lift and a car with a capacious boot, or an estate, to transport. The blinds in the hall would be insufficient to exclude light for film shows in the daytime and supplementary blackout would need to be installed. Once we were ready to go, joint shows with Great Moulton on an alternating basis might be worth investigating.

5. Correspondence.

6. Treasurers Report
The Acting Treasurer, CG, presented the figures to 15th June:

General Account balance - £5415.27
Big Lottery balance - £3902.37
with £15019.07 in both the Savings and Reserve accounts.

He reported that we had been successful in our application for a grant towards the car park and had been awarded £10K but a fresh set of accounts for 2013/14 were required by the Lottery before 8th August, with a further 8 weeks for full confirmation.

On the previous Sunday, 20th July, Patti Declifford had used the hall for her farewell to the village for which no hire fee was charged. She had, however, insisted on payment so it was agreed to fund the first film show from it. PR to write to her in thanks.

7. New Business
SB raised the suggestion that a full email list of those residents who wished to be kept abreast of discussion/decisions of the Parish Council and activities in the Village Hall be compiled. This was generally welcomed with the proviso that it should be fully inclusive. She also made a plea for the Village Hall to take possession of the emergency sandbags which had been stored in her front garden for some years and was keen to move on.

8. Rebuilding Progress Report.
The Saltiel Room had been repainted in magnolia and white. It was decided that the kitchen would benefit from similar treatment. The dado remains and awaits BT’s availability. The next major job is the construction of the storage shed.

9. Fundraising and Forthcoming Events
The Open Gardens was a disappointment with only 25 tickets sold. Even so, it did produce a profit of £197. Perhaps the choice of Saturday rather than the traditional Sunday was a mistake. SB suggested that if there was a next time, we might coordinate with other local attractions rather than avoiding a clash.

10. New Business. None

11. Date of Next Meeting: 15th September 2014 at 19.30hrs. No meeting in August.

The meeting concluded at 20.35