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Village Hall Meeting:

Minutes for 19th January 2015 7.30

Present: Calvin Goreham, Vera Cruickshank, Bob Tingley, Peter Reason

1. Apologies: Don Baker, Sue Beare.
2. Minutes of 15th December were agreed and signed after noting that Chris Hemstock paid the fee in item 3.
3. Matters Arising:
(a) concern was raised over the suitability of Mr Turner for family viewing on Film Night and it was agreed to check the certification of the film and make it clear in the publicity material.
(b) Calvin agreed to remind Mike Britch of his agreement to make a Norse acoustic engineer available to advise on the sound problem encountered in the main hall.
4. Matters for Consideration: None
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurer's Report: The Reserve Account and Savings Account both have balances of £15024.35. The Current Account contains £3971.23 and the BACS Account (for hall hire fees) £122.37.
7. Building Progress: Car Park near completion with posts needing a second coat of paint and the fixing of reflectors. Outstanding work includes fixing of Dado in main hall and redecoration of the gents toilets followed by construction of storage shed when the weather improves.
8. Fundraising: The Games Night proved popular so it was decided to arrange another with the favoured date being Saturday 14th March.
9. New Business: Peter reported that a ramblers club had requested use of the toilets and the car park on 2nd July for up to 30 cars. He had agreed for a price of 50p per car with marshalling the responsibility of the club.
10. Emergency Items: None.
11. Date of next meeting: 16th February at 19.30 hrs.

The meeting finished 20.25hrs.