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Wacton Village Hall Trustees
Minutes of Meeting on 20th February 2017

Present: Calvin Goreham (Chair), Peter J. Reason (Secretary), Pat Reynolds (Treasurer),
Don Baker, Peter Jacques, Bob Tingley and Rev. Heather Wilcox

1. Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the meeting on 16th January were agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising:
(i) X-Box and Broadband
SNC has taken ownership of the X-Box and the involvement of the Village Hall Trustees is at an end. PR to ask for a letter or email confirming that this is the case for our records. Responsibility for the broadband service has been taken over by the Parish Council

(ii) Electricity Supply
Extra Energy will take over the supply from E.on on 23rd February at the expiry of the
contractual 30-day notice period.

4. Matters for Consideration: None

5. Correspondence: None

6. Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer, PR, presented the figures as follows;
the two deposit accounts each contain a total £15044.54; there is £2114.50 in the current account and £1484.94 in the BACS payments account.

7. Building Progress:
A long standing leak has been found in the waste from the gents' toilet which has rotted the boarding below the vinyl covering. Repairs have successfully been made and we are waiting for replacement covering to be fitted before re-fixing the pan.

8. A.O.B.
PJ has been contacted by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust for a Water Vole/river bank update, and he has informed them that no further remedial work will take place this year.

DB expressed concern about potential damage to the telephone line as it passes through the branches of the cherry tree on the north lawn. It was agreed to do some pruning at the appropriate time for Prunus species – summer.

9. Date of next meeting – 20th March at 19.30pm.

Meeting concluded at 20.00