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Village Hall Committee
Meeting 15th February 2016 at 7.30pm/
1. Apologies: Peter Jaques. Present: Calvin, Pete Reason, Rev. Heather, Bob, Sue
2. Minutes of meeting on 18th January 2016. Needed several amendments. Sue to send revised copy to Calvin for signing
3. Matters arising: None not on agenda
4. Matters for Consideration:
Possible Social Club. Rate increase would be £340.17. Either the club obtains a license and the Wacton VH continues to purchase TENs as required or VH obtains a license at a cost about £100 plus advertising (Probably cheap in Sextons Wheel) and then £70 pa with no need for TEPs. Richard. Moss to be asked which room he wants. SB
Defibrillator Training: Alistair Baker to give training on 19th March at 11 am. He will bring equipment. SB to draft poster
5. Correspondence: WI wish to purchase stainless steel trolley and keep it in the kitchen, they also apologized for and will remove excess boxes of books
6. Treasurer's Report: 2 savings accounts each have £15035.56, main account has £3112 and BACS has £1072 (including grant from Kevin), having purchased an Xbox games console.
7. Building Progress: I tile is up. A ledge is to be devised to keep tiles in place while the glue sets. No further work for 2 weeks so scaffold tower taken down. May be too late for bird proofing!
8. WIFI event. A successful session with 14 attendances. Agreed not to expand yet as more people may come from Wacton as word gets round.
9. Emergency Items. It was agreed Main Hall should be let for minimum period of 3 hours.
10. Date of next meeting – 22nd Feb with Social Club.
21st March
Post meeting note: Next village hall meeting will be 14th March; Meeting 21st march will be second meeting with Social Club Committee.