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Village Hall Meeting:

Minutes for 16th February 2015 7.30

Present: Calvin Goreham, Vera Cruickshank, Bob Tingley, Peter Reason

1. Apologies: Don Baker, Sue Beare.
2. Minutes of 19th January were agreed and signed.
3. Matters Arising:
(a) it was agreed that darts would be included on Games Night as long a satisfactory solution could be found to the protection of walls and persons in the Saltiel Room.
(b) Calvin reported that the quotation from the acoustic engineer was £1400. Other engineers would be approached.
4. Matters for Consideration: None
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurer's Report: The Reserve Account and Savings Account both have balances of £15025.24. The Current Account contains £3623.59 and the BACS Account (for hall hire fees) £122.37.
7. Building Progress: Car Park now complete. Outstanding work includes fixing of Dado in main hall, redecoration of the gents toilets followed by construction of storage shed when the weather improves. It was also agreed to attempt to make the eaves bird proof.
8. Fundraising: The Games Evening will take place on Saturday 14th March at 7.30pm. Vera's proposal of having a 'Medium Night' was approved. Pete would sound out the possibility of a Wacton Beer (and cider and wine) Festival.
9. New Business: None
10. Emergency Items: None.
11. Date of next meeting: 16th March at 19.30 hrs.

The meeting finished 20.25hrs.