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Village Hall Committee
Minutes of Meeting 21 December 2015 at 7.30pm
1. Apologies: Rev. Heather. Present: Calvin, Bob, Pete, Peter, Sue, Don
2. Minutes of meeting on 16 November 2015: were accepted with Typos corrected.
3. Matters arising: Pete Worrell has the material for the leaflet
4. Peter Jacques was co-opted to be a Trustee and on the committee with pleasure by all present. He has agreed to become the Treasurer.
5. Cllr Kevin Worsley: Cllr. Pat Reynolds was present for this item. Kevin gave an interesting and full presentation of his ideas for a WIFI hotspot for Village Hall. He has money that could be spent setting it up, altering the emergency phone line to link with fast fiber optic broadband at 78 to 88 mgb and the wiring needed into the hall. There are also grants available to set up and pay a year’s costs of club. He knows someone who would volunteer to attend to support members. It was agreed to start it as an adults (? Silver Surfers) group as we do, not currently ,have anyone willing to run it as a club for young people. If it proves successful we might seek further grants or start charging to cover costs. These would include line rental, broad band costs and hall costs. If it is not being used we could close the club down. People would bring their own devices for use in the hall. All agreed that this is a valuable idea and we would hope to start in January. We would need to choose a time and day and advertise it well. Kevin was thanked for his help.
6. Acoustic panels progress: Mark Hardwick has offered free acoustic panels to use. Pete will seek suitable adhesive.
7. Treasurer's Report: The accounts have been seen and passed by the auditor. The two deposit accounts have £15033.94 in each and there is £3030.49 in the current account. BACs account has £402.17.
8. Building Progress. A new Snagging list will be formulated. The store needs two lights. Don to be asked. Roof needs bird proofing soon before nesting starts.
9. Emergency Items: A) we have a defunct co-op account. Agreed to close it. B) Jo Douglas would like to start another Pilates class on Thursday. Agreed to let her have the hall free for 3 sessions to see if it gets off the ground.
10. Date of next meeting – 18th January 2016