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Village Hall Meeting.
Minutes for 15th December 2014 7.30
Present: Calvin Goreham, Vera Cruikshank, Bob Tingly, Pete Reason, Sue Beare
1. Apologises: Don Baker
2. Minutes of meeting 17th November were agreed and signed.
3. Matters arising not on this agenda. Fee that was owing last month has been paid.
4. Matters for consideration:
a. Film Night: Paper from Pete setting out various options with different cost implications. Agreed to consider further in the future and possibly postpone next night in February until after acoustic report
b. Acoustics: An expert from Norse will come and give advice after Christmas
5. Correspondence: None
6. Treasurer’s Report: £15023 remains in the reserve account, the community account is being used for hire payments and contains £65. The savings account has £15023 and the current account £4523 but about £1000 will be paid shortly.
7. Rebuilding Progress: Putting up the rail around the car park has started and red reflectors have been ordered. It may be necessary to consider lighting the footway. To be discussed with Don Baker. The fire alarm system has needed attention. The new notice board will be put up after Christmas. Erecting the shed was discussed.
8. Fundraising and events:
A) Christmas Party: Start setting up after Pilates on Thursday. It may not be possible to use the darts unless we can find ways to protect the floor and walls. Calvin will bring float.
B) 100 Club 2015. The profit for last year was £427.50 with £427.50 given out in prizes. 12 – 15 people enter the draw each month. The Social evening when the draw takes place is enjoyed by those who go. Agreed to continue for another 3 months.
9. New Business: Discussed making two large advertising boards which could be erected on the village Hall ground and in Vera’s garden for future events
10. Emergency Items: Discussed the problems caused by the large number of cars parked on the road and the island at the bottom of Church Road at the recent funeral. Difficult to know what to do as it is public Highway but it might be worth informing police if there is another event with so many expected.
11. Date of next meeting – 19th January 2015