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Wacton Village Hall
Registered Charity No 304099
Terms & Conditions of Hire
(Revised 20th Sept 2020)

Please click below for additional Conditions of Hire during Covid -19

Additional Covid-19

The Hirer must be 18 or over.

Depending on the event to be held, the booking clerk may ask the hirer to have up to 6 adult
stewards (over 25) appointed by the Hirer to be on duty at all times, to prevent damage, underage
drinking and to follow all fire precautions as displayed on the notice board. This is to protect the
Hirer and the Village Hall.

The hirer must be on the premises during the whole period of hire and shall be responsible for the
supervision of the premises, the fabric of the building, the contents and the behaviour of all
persons using the premises, including the car park.
The Trustees recommend the following adult to child ratios as the minimum numbers to help keep
children and teenagers safe:

0 - 8 years a parent or guardian should remain with the child.
9 - 12 years - one adult to eight children.
13 - 18 years - one adult to ten children

Depending on the needs and abilities of the children and the nature of the activity, hirers may need
to have more adults than the minimum. The hirer must guarantee the numbers of adults who must
always be present during the hire time.

The hirer shall obtain prior permission from the booking secretary before arranging for a bouncy
castle or trampoline. The equipment must be hired from a supplier who holds their own insurance to
cover the condition of the equipment. A bouncy castle must be supervised by a responsible
employee/volunteer at all times when in use. It is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure the
equipment is under the ceiling height of the hall.

A deposit is not normally required. However, the Trustees reserve the right to request an
appropriate amount in certain circumstances.

Hirers, of one off events, must pay the whole amount or any balance at least 21days before the hire
date, if paid by cheque. Cash or BACS payments must be received at least 14 days before the
event. Failure to comply may lead to cancellation.

All cheques should be made payable to Wacton Village Hall. BACS details can be obtained from
the booking secretary.

The Village Hall insurance provides £2 million Public Liability cover for Hirer and guests for legal
activities within the boundaries of the Village Hall site. The parking of vehicles anywhere on the
site is at the owners’ risk.

The Hirer shall ensure that all means of exit from the premises are kept free from obstruction and
immediately available for instant public exit. No external fire doors are to be propped open by use
of fire extinguishers, chairs or other means.

Before the event the Hirer shall acquaint them self with all the safety notices on the premises and
with the Fire Exits and the Fire Assembly Point, which is sign posted at the far side in the car park.

No Helium balloons permitted on the premises, as escaping helium sets off the fire alarms.

The whole Village Hall site is a no smoking area. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the strict
compliance of all guests and visitors to the Hall for the duration of hire.

The Hirer is responsible for first aid arrangements. A basic first aid kit is located in the corridor
leading to the toilets. The Hirer must notify the booking clerk if anything is used during the hire
period and any accidents must be entered in the Accident Book, which is a long side the first aid
box. Please report any incident within 24 hours in writing or email to the booking secretary.

No dogs are allowed on the premises with the exception of guide and support dogs.

The Hirer is only permitted access to the premises 30 mins before and up to 30 mins after the hire
period to setup and clear away. The Trustees reserve the right to increase the hire charge if longer
time is required. Access outside the hire period without authorization from the village hall
committee is prohibited and would contravene insurance cover and health and safety regulations.

The Hirer shall ensure that no activity takes place on the premises that is in contravention of the law
e.g. raffles, gaming, betting, lotteries (unless covered by a lotteries licence).

The Hirer shall indemnify the Trustees for the cost of repair or damage to any part of the property or
contents during the period of hire. No sticky tape, blu-tac or similar products are to be applied to
any part of the structure of the Hall without prior permission.

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that after 10.00pm all doors and windows are closed so
as not to cause disturbance or nuisance to the Hall’s neighbours and anyone leaving the premises
does so in a quiet manner. All music must stop at 11.45pm. The Hirer must ensure the premises are
fully vacated by 00.15am.

The Village Hall is licensed for live and recorded music.

Hirers who wish to sell alcohol must make their own arrangements either by obtaining a temporary
licence from South Norfolk District Council (if using a professional cater they may be able to do
this for you) or making an arrangement with Wacton Social Club. Details regarding alcohol must
been indicated on the booking form.

No alcohol must be sold to under 18s.

If the kitchen is required outside the main hire period, this must be agreed at the time of booking.
An additional charge of £6.00 per hour will be added. This maybe applicable if full hot catering is
required for funeral teas, weddings, anniversaries, other events where cooking is required

The Hirer must observe all relevant food, health and hygiene legislation and regulations if food is to
be prepared, served or sold. If the refrigerator is required the Hirer needs to indicate this on the
booking form below. There are guidance notes on food handling in the kitchen.

The hire includes use of all furniture, the kitchen and its contents. At the end of the hire all furniture
must be returned to store, unless advised otherwise. All items used in the kitchen must be washed
and dried and put away. Any breakages will be paid for by the Hirer. The Hirer must provide any
additional pots, pans and other cooking utensils that they require.

The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounding area clean and tidy with the
lights switched off. Floors in all areas used must be swept. All toilets flushed. In the event of
spillage in the Main Hall only warm water, a little washing-up liquid and a mop should be used.
Buckets and mops labelled for the kitchen and main hall, brooms and vacuum cleaner are in the
corridor cabinets. The mop and bucket for the toilets is in the ladies.

The Village Hall has no rubbish disposal facilities. Hirers need to provide their own rubbish bags
and all rubbish must be collected and removed from the site. In the event of failure to return the
Hall to the manner in which it is found at the outset, the Village Hall Trustees reserve the right to
make a further charge.
The Hirer is to use the check list on the entrance door as they leave the premises to ensure they have
complied in leaving the premises in a safe and secure manner.

Cancellation and Disputes

The Trustees reserve the right to cancel the hire in the event of the Village Hall being required for
use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or By-Election, in which
case a full refund of all monies paid will be made.

If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking with less than 21 days notice the Trustees reserve the right
to levy the hire fee.

Should the hire not proceed due to reasons outside the Trustees’ control, all fees and payments will
be returned within 14 days.

Any dispute relating to the hire, use or damage to the property during a period of hire shall be
determined by the Trustees of Wacton Village Hall Committee.

Booking Secretary
Angie Baldwin 01508 536639