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Village Hall Committee
Minutes of Meeting 20th April 2015 at 7.30pm

1. Apologies: Sue Beare. Present: Calvin Goreham, Peter Reason, Don Baker, Vera Cruickshank and Bob Tingley.

2. Minutes of meeting on 16th March were agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising
(a) Film Night: It was decided not to renew our subscription to Creative Arts East but to reconsider the issue when the acoustic problem had been dealt with. Experience so far indicated little prospect of breaking even without significantly larger audiences. Comparison with Great Moulton, which attracts 50-60 with a population three times that of Wacton, suggests this is unlikely to be achieved.
(b) Acoustics: A second quote of £500 has been obtained form a Norwich based company. There was another on the list still to be approached and a decision would wait until this had been returned.
(c) Water Meter: Anglia Water had been approached and now the issue of the hall's missing postcode had been resolved, the installation was imminent. DB brought the attention of the Committee to the charge for Surface Water drainage, misapplied as the new hall discharges to a soakaway. PR to resolve.

4. Matters for Consideration: none.

5. Correspondence: Bunwell Camera Club had decided not to move their regular meetings to the hall after two 'taster' sessions. The majority of the membership felt that the journey was too far, especially in winter, with many members living in Attleborough and beyond.

6. Treasurer's Report: The two deposit accounts contain a total £30,053.88; there is £3858.04 in the current account and £325.57 in the BACs payments account.

7. Building Progress: The old site hut had been demolished with collateral damage to one angle grinder. The committee would consider reimbursement. The next stage is to lay the concrete pad. Other outstanding jobs are bird-proofing the eaves, securing the air brick on the east face and repainting the gents' toilets.

8. Events and Fund-raising: The Family Funday on 19th July would be free admission with people bringing their own food and drink. A BBQ would be available. Another Games Evening was scheduled for May 16th and an evening with the Medium Ashley George would be organised for 20th June.

9. Emergency Items: None

10. Date of next meeting – 18th May at 7.30pm. AGM followed by normal meeting.

Meeting concluded at 20.50